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Childhood friends Elena Ramírez and Tanok Cárdenas come from different worlds, but share one dream: to become matadors in Mexico’s bullfighting circuit. Elena’s mother, Pastora, is the live-in housekeeper for her childhood confidant, renowned rejoneador, Rafael Cárdenas. Though class and gender divide this household, Pastora raises Tanok and Elena side by side, while keeping a watchful eye on her daughter’s budding interest in bullfighting from Rafael’s young protégé. As Elena and Tanok grow, she proves a much more skilled fighter than Tanok, and what began as child’s play is now a vocation. Determined to rise to the top of this sport on her own merits, Tanok agrees to help Elena achieve her dreams by training her away from the prying eyes of their parents. But when legacy, tradition, and family secrets collide, who will rise and who will fall?


Author: Monet Hurst-Mendoza
Cast: 2W, 3M, can expand w/ additional GNC
Robert Lazar / Marathon Management