THE LIST 2017: The Top 9%

The following are the 37 most recommended un- and underproduced new plays by woman, trans, and non-binary authors of color per our survey results. Each play received between 6 and 28 nominations. For more about the selection process, visit our About the List page. Playwrights have been encouraged to list their plays on the New Play Exchange to make them as accessible as possible.

    Lauren Yee
    Part comedy, part mystery, part rock concert, this thrilling story toggles back and forth in time, as father and daughter face the music of the past. Neary, a young Cambodian American has found evidence that could finally put away the Khmer Rouge’s chief henchman. But her work is far from done. When Dad shows up unannounced—his first return to Cambodia since fleeing 30 years ago—it’s clear this isn’t just a pleasure trip.
    3M 1W 2GNC
    Di Glazer / ICM
    Lauren Yee
    When an American college basketball team travels to Beijing for an exhibition game in 1989, the drama on the court goes deeper than the strain between their countries. For two men with a past and one teen with a future, it’s a chance to stake their moment in history and claim personal victories off the scoreboard. American coach Saul grapples with his relevance to the sport, Chinese coach Wen Chang must decide his role in his rapidly-changing country and Chinese American player Manford seeks a lost connection. Tensions rise right up to the final buzzer as history collides with the action in th...
    3M 1W
    Di Glazer / ICM
    Dipika Guha
    Just when newly hired CEO Joan is about to launch a new brand of women’s yoga pants, yoga apparel giant Jojomon is hit by a terrible scandal. Desperate to win back the company’s reputation (and her own), Joan stakes everything on a plan so crazy it just might work. YOGA PLAY is a journey towards enlightenment in a world determined to sell it.
    2W 3M
    Michael Finkle / WME
    C. A. Johnson
    Samira and Greta lead a peaceful life. They have their own clearing in the woods, their own hut, and their son Kalil to keep them laughing. When Kalil returns home one day without their water rations, however, Samira and Greta find themselves in conflict with their local political leader. Set in a tense segregated society, Thirst is a complex look at race and love in war-time.
    2W 4M
    Allison Schwartz / Paradigm
  • BLKS
    aziza barnes
    Some days feel like they will never end. After a morning that includes a cancer scare and kicking her girlfriend out of the house, Octavia decides to have a last turn up with her best friends.
    3 QWOC 1M 1WW
    Tori Sampson
    IF PRETTY HURTS THEN UGLY MUST BE A MUHFUCKA: AN UNDERSTANDING OF A WEST AFRICAN FOLKTALE In Affreakah-Amirrorkah, an imaginary but uncannily familiar place, debutantes Akim, Adama, Kaya, and Massassi embody the culture’s notion of Beauty in all its shades and shapes. Still, something about Akim sets her apart, and her allure makes her a target for Massassi and her pretty, "jealous" peers. If Pretty Hurts Ugly Must Be a Muhfucka weaves contemporary African and American cultures into a sweeping journey about what—and whom—we suppress in pursuit of an ideal always just beyond reach.
    5W 3M
    Chris Till & Ally Shuster / CAA
    Aleshea Harris
    IS GOD IS is an epic tale of twin sisters who, haunted by a brutal family history, sojourn West to seek revenge.
    4W 4M
    Ross Weiner / ICM
    Susan Soon He Stanton
    In 2011, the director of the International Monetary Fund was accused of sexual assault by a hotel maid, Nafissatou Diallo, but all charges were dismissed. we, the invisibles shares the rarely-heard stories of people like Diallo, people from all over the globe working at New York’s luxury hotels. Funny, poignant, and brutally honest by turns, the play is an investigation of the complicated relationship between movers and shakers and the people who change their sheets.
    2-3W 3M* (can be performed with 5-30)
    Leah Hamos / Gersh
    Madhuri Shekar
    At the very last minute, a scientist realizes that her groundbreaking environmental paper – co-authored with her best friend – is based on flawed data. Should she risk her friendship, her career, the fate of the world... for the truth?
    2W 2M
    Beth Blickers / APA
    Sam Chanse
    Taking refuge from a twitterstorm and other assorted upheaval on a last-minute camping trip, Mel and Arjun meet Georgia, a solitary young woman studying the impact of climate change on the imperiled Joshua tree.
    2W 1M
    Mark Orsini / Bret Adams
    Stacy Amma Osei-Kuffour
    The community of a shitty southern town, grapple with the murder of a Black man who is found hanging from a tree.
    3W 4M
    Rachel Viola & Emma Feiwel / UTA
    Donnetta Lavinia Grays
    When Monique and her 10-year-old daughter Samantha show up unexpectedly on her sister’s Brooklyn doorstep, it’s the beginning of the end for Rachel and her partner Nadima’s orderly lifestyle. Monique is on the run from deep trouble, her husband Reggie is nowhere to be seen, and Samantha becomes ever haunted by the life in southern Georgia she was forced to leave behind. Poetic, dark and often deeply funny Last Night and the Night Before explores the complex power, necessity, and beauty of loss.
    4W 1M
    Alexis Williams / Bret Adams Ltd.
    Charise Castro Smith
    In Miami, on the eve of Hurricane Andrew, three generations of women huddle together to weather the storm. Beset by late-stage Alzheimers, Valeria (the family matriarch and a former magicienne) wanders between present-day family tensions and the siren call of her memories. But thirty years later, in the wake of a seemingly unforgivable mistake, the family is faced with the impossible necessity of reconciliation. Inspired by Shakespeare's The Tempest, El Huracán is a story about what we carry when we're forced to leave everything behind.
    4W 2M
    Rachel Viola / UTA
    Leah Nanako Winkler
    When the Donnelly’s gather for a weekend in the country to gather their belongings for their recently sold estate—both an internal storm and a literal storm brews (uh oh!). As this brood of famous, longing-to-be-famous and kind of a mess but totally Caucasian family comes together with their non-white personal assistant, Charlotte, some really really really really really complicated and totally unique secrets are revealed over white wine…
    3W 2M
    Beth Blickers / APA
    Inda Craig-Galván
    Sabrina Jackson cannot cope with the death of her 14-year-old son by a White cop. Rather than herald the Black Lives Matter movement, Sabrina retreats inward, living out a comic book superhero fantasy. Will Sabrina stay in this splash-and-pow dream world where sons don’t die, or return to reality and mourn her loss?
    3W 5M
    Jonathan Mills / Paradigm
    Celine Song
    On the island of Man-Jae in Korea, three elderly women spend their dying days diving into the ocean to harvest seafood with nothing but a rusty knife. They are “haenyeos”— “sea women” —and there are no heiresses to their millennium-old tradition. ENDLINGS is a real estate lesson from the last three remaining “haenyeos” in the world: don’t live on an island. Unless it’s the island of Manhattan...
    Kevin Lin / CAA
    Patricia Ione Lloyd
    Outside, black men and women are being killed by police. Inside, Deborah is trying to keep her smart-but-weird son and newly-out daughter safe and happy as light bulbs pop, shadows come to life, and the house gets strangely colder. With theatricality and lyricism, this unlikely ghost story explores what it means to let your song be heard in a world that’s trying to silence you.
    6W 1M 1T
    Beth Blickers / APA
    Kimber Lee
    1888. Paris and Provence. A failing artist in desperate pursuit of a new way of seeing, haunted by his past, and hoping to remake his future in the color and light of the south. At what point in an endless cycle of failures does faith and persistence become delusion and foolishness? A meditation on love, art, and not being popular.
    2W 5M
    Seth Glewen / Gersh
    Kristiana Rae Colón
    at the intersection of tear gas and teddy bear memorials, at the intersection of darren wilson and michael brown, at the intersection of looting and liberation, florissant & canfield refracts the realities of ferguson in the wake of the black lives matter movement. colliding in the unlikely eden of a civil rights renaissance, a newly formed alliance of protesters are forced to put their nascent ideologies to the test in the quest for new visions of justice.
    6M 7W 1GNC
    Samara Anderson / Robert A. Freedman Dramatic Agency
    Brittany K. Allen
    Redwood concerns an interracial couple (Meg, a middle school teacher, and Drew, a physicist) who are thrown into crisis when Meg's recently-retired Uncle Stevie makes a project of charting the family tree, via When Stevie discovers that his would-be nephew-in-law is heir apparent to the family that owned his (and subsequently, Meg's) relatives in an antebellum Kentucky, a time and space-bending dramedy of manners gone very far South ensues. Long-dead ancestors appear, to comment on their light-skinned progeny. Meg speechifies on the nature of forgetting before the State Senate, a...
    4W 4M
    Sandra A. Daley-Sharif
    Inspired by Lorainne Hansberry’s Les Blancs, Les Fréres tells the story of three estranged brothers of Haitian descent, who come home to Harlem for their father’s final days. Troubled memories filled with anger and abuse come rushing back as they deal with their father’s death. They are forced to deal with how each choose to deal with memories, how each have escaped, feelings of abandonment, betrayal and loss. Finally, the end asks two of the brothers if they will escape back into the lives they have forged for themselves or will they try to make new life amongst the embers of pain. The play d...
    1W 4M
    Ngozi Anyanwu
    A bestselling novelist returns to Nigeria to care for her ailing father, but before she can bury him, she must relearn the traditions she's long forgotten. Having been absent for over a decade, she must collide with her culture, traumatic past, painful regrets, and the deep, deep love she thought she could never have.
    5W 2M
    Olivier Sultan / CAA
    Amina Henry
    Jamal wants to be force for good, like a Jedi in Star Wars, but he did a bad thing, firebombing a synagogue for money. Now he wonders if he's an evil Sith. A fugitive, he lays low at his mother Mary's house. Mary and Jo, Jamal's girlfriend, wonder about the good and evil in Jamal, too, as they witness the different parts of him. For Officer Brown, Jamal is just one thing: black.
    2W 2M
    Max Grossman / Abrams
    Rehana Lew Mirza
    A local Michigan literary professor seeks out a famous Muslim-American novelist to find out if he's a self-hating Islamophobe or a really good lay. But they find that getting under each other's skin can easily become a habit, for better or worse.
    1W 1M
    Leah Hamos / Gersh
    Hilary Bettis
    An explosive elixir of power, class, and immigration status, which, when shaken hard with love and betrayal, creates a dangerous cocktail that threatens to destroy lives. In this Spanish language infused contemporary adaptation of Strindberg’s Miss Julie is set in the back kitchen of a Miami hotel during a night of debauchery.
    2W 1M
    Ally Shuster / CAA
    Carla Ching
    Alix lives in a tiny motel room with her mother and two brothers, scrabbling to make weekly rent. Mason lives comfortably in a grand, empty house while his father runs jobs for the Hong Kong Triad. Until the day his father disappears and Mason has to figure out how to come up with grocery money and dodge Child Services and the INS. Mason and Alex develop an unlikely friendship, struggling to survive, and trying to outrun the mistakes of their parents. Will they make it out or fall through the cracks? A play about Motel Kids and Parachute Kids raising themselves and living at the poverty line i...
    2W 3M
    Beth Blickers / APA
    Heather Raffo
    NOURA reflects the dilemma facing modern America: do we live for each other or for ourselves? Told from inside the marriage of an Iraqi immigrant family to New York, the play speaks directly to modern marriage and the leaving of home. This fast paced script highlights an acutely relevant awakening of identity that tackles our notions of, shame, violence, assimilation, exile and love. It's a unique insight into the interior crisis that lies behind the collapse of the modern Middle East and America’s inseparable relationship to it.
    2W 2M 1B
    Leah Hamos / Gersh
    Ming Peiffer
    On an elementary school playground, a boy threatens to tell on a group of girls for swearing – unless one of them kisses him. But just before lips can touch, Kyeoung tackles the boy to the ground. The victory is short-lived. Over the coming years, Kyeoung herself is knocked down again and again. By an alcoholic dad. A group of quick-to-judge friends. And an endlessly invasive parade of men. As we follow Kyeoung from the discoveries of childhood to the realities of adulthood, her stories get stranger, funnier, more harrowing – and more familiar. How do girls grow up? Quickly, painfully, wondrou...
    8W 2M
    Olivier Sultan / CAA
    Dipika Guha
    Gretchen is a lawyer. Yusuf is her client. Yusuf is being held indefinitely without trial for terrorism. Hattie is Gretchen’s mother. Only, Hattie thinks Gretchen is a secretary, Gretchen thinks Hattie is sick and Yusuf believes he’s been framed. In a world of competing narratives, facts no longer exist. UNRELIABLE investigates the consequences of living only in a story of your choosing.
    2W 1M
    Michael Finkle / WME
    Larissa FastHorse
    In this satirical comedy, a mismatched but well-meaning foursome sets out to devise a politically correct school play that can somehow sensitively celebrate both Thanksgiving and Native American Heritage Month. How can this wildly diverse quartet-separated by cultural chasms and vastly different perspectives on history-navigate a complicated, hilarious thicket of privilege, representation, and of course school district regulations? The schools are waiting, and the pageant must go on!
    2W 2M
    Jonathan Mills / Paradigm
    Jessica Huang
    During the Chinese Exclusion Act, Harry Chin, a Chinese national, entered the U.S. by buying forged documentation. Like other “Paper Sons,” Harry underwent a brutal detention and interrogation, and lived the rest of his life keeping secrets – even from his daughter. Told through the eyes of a middle-aged Chin, THE PAPER DREAMS OF HARRY CHIN reveals the complicated loves and regrets of this Chinese immigrant who wound up in Minnesota. Through dreamlike leaps of time and space and with the powerful assistance of ghosts, the story of the Chin family reveals the personal and political repercussion...
    3W 3M
    Max Grossman / Abrams
    Chisa Hutchinson
    A Chinese-American guidance counselor helps a troubled protege through some gender-bias bullshit.
    3W 3M
    Di Glazer / ICM
    Sylvia Khoury
    Taroon once served as an interpreter for the United States military in Afghanistan. Now the Americans – and their promises of safety – are gone, and Taroon spends his days in his sister Afiya’s apartment, hiding from the increasingly powerful Taliban. Desperate to escape with his wife and newborn son, Taroon must navigate a country left in upheaval, in which everyone must fend for themselves and few can be trusted.
    2W 2M
    Ally Shuster / CAA
    Ngozi Anyanwu
    Is an Origin story of the Goddess Nike and a retelling of the Olympus myth Black Greek Super hero style
    5W 5M & A BAND
    Olivier Sultan / CAA
    Christina Anderson
    A wrongly convicted man is released from prison after 25 years. As he settles into a new life he begins the quest to become a father. Spanning more than 40 years, this play explores family, connection, parenthood, and the right to start over.
    4W 2M
    Alexis Williams / Bret Adams Ltd.
    Antoinette Nwandu
    BREACH: A MANIFESTO ON RACE IN AMERICA THROUGH THE EYES OF A BLACK GIRL RECOVERING FROM SELF HATE What happens when a woman trapped in a dead-end job and a fizzling relationship accidentally gets pregnant by a man that she’s not dating? A coming of age story about race, class and motherhood, BREACH examines how hard it is to love others when it’s you that you loathe most of all.
    3W 2M
    Di Glazer & Ross Weiner / ICM
  • AZUL
    C. Quintana
    When a lifelong New Yorker faces the loss of her Cuban-born mother and her own sense of identity in the process, she digs into her legacy and uncovers the story of her mother's beloved aunt, her own tia-abuela whom she never met. While the family fled Cuba at the time of Castro's revolution, she remained on the island for the love of another woman—a complicated choice in a less forgiving time.
    Katie Gamelli / Abrams

2017 Honorable Mentions: The Top 21%

The following are the 49 un- and underproduced plays by woman, trans, and non-binary authors of color that each received between 3 and 5 nominations. For more about the selection process, visit our About The List page. Playwrights have been encouraged to list their plays on the New Play Exchange to make the plays as accessible as possible.

CARMEN AGUIRRE – The Refugee Hotel

JAISEY BATES – The Day We Were Born

FRANCE-LUCE BENSON – Deux Femmes on the Edge de la Revolution

LEILA BUCK – American Dreams

GUADALÍS DEL CARMEN – Tolstoy’s Daughters

SAM CHANSE – The Other Instinct

KARA LEE CORTHRON – Welcome to Fear City

FRANCES YA-CHU COWHIG – The King of Hell’s Palace

CUSI CRAM – East of West Town

SANDRA A. DALEY-SHARIF – Straddling the Edge

CHERYL DAVIS – Swimming Uptown





KEIKO GREEN – Nadeshiko

KIRSTEN GREENIDGE – Little Row Boat, or Conjecture


CHISA HUTCHINSON – Surely Goodness and Mercy

ADITI BRENNAN KAPIL – Imogen Says Nothing

SLYVIA KHOURY – Against the Hillside


PAOLA LÁZARO-MUÑOZ – Tell Hector I Miss Him

PAOLA LÁZARO-MUÑOZ – There’s Always the Hudson

RACHEL LYNETT – Well-Intentioned White People

REHANA LEW MIRZA – A People’s Guide to History In the Time of Here and Now

ANNA MOENCH – Birds of North America


DAAIMAH MUBASHSHIR – There is Something about a Clock Face

ANA NOGUEIRA – Empathitrax




C. QUINTANA – Evensong

TORI SAMPSON – This Land was Made

BIANCA SAMS – Rust on Bone

CHARLY EVON SIMPSON – Scratching the Surface

VERA STARBARD – Devilfish Sleeps





MFONISO UDOFIA – Her Portmanteau



LIVIAN YEH – Memorial

ZHU YI – A Deal

**We made our best effort to confirm titles and eligibility of all nominated plays. If we weren’t able to find you, please email us at

2017 Nominators 

A.J. Muhammad – Producer, The Fire This Time Festival

A.P. Andrews – Literary Manager, Seven Devils Playwrights Conference

A. Rey Pamatmat – Co-Director, Ma-Yi Writers Lab

Aaron Malkin – Literary Associate, New York Theatre Workshop

Abigail Katz – Director of New Play Development, Atlantic Theater Company

Adam Greenfield – Associate Artistic Director, Playwrights Horizons

Adam Szymkowicz – Literary Manager, The Juilliard School

Addae Moon – Dramaturg, Working Title Playwrights/Ethel Woolson Lab

Aditi Kapil – Playwright, Mixed Blood Theatre

Adrien-Alice Hansel – Literary Director, Studio Theatre

Adrienne Campbell-Holt – Artistic Director, Colt Coeur

Alfredo Narciso – Actor

Allison Fradkin – Literary Coordinator, Pride Films and Plays

Alyson Germinder – Literary Manager, Unicorn Theatre

Amber Bradshaw – Managing Artistic Director, Working Title Playwrights

Amy Boratko – Literary Manager, Yale Repertory Theatre

Amy Rose Marsh – Literary Director, Samuel French, Inc.

Amy Wegener – Literary Director, Actors Theatre of Louisville

Andrea Hiebler – Director of Scouting and Submissions, The Lark

Andrea Thome – Playwright

Andy Knight – Associate Literary Director, South Coast Repertory

Anika Chapin – Literary Manager, Two River Theater

Anne G. Morgan – Literary Manager & Dramaturg, Eugene O’Neill Theater Center

Anne Hamilton – Founder, Hamilton Dramaturgy

Aphra Behn – Artistic Director, Guerrilla Girls On Tour

April Matthis – Actor

Art Rotch – Artistic Director, Perseverance Theatre

Art Borreca – Co-Head, Iowa Playwrights Workshop

Ben Coleman – Literary Supervisor, Samuel French Inc.

Benjamin Benne – Producer, Literary & Content, Forward Flux Productions

Benjamin Kamine – Director, Freelance

Bianca Bagatourian – President, Armenian Dramatic Arts Alliance

Bixby Elliot – Playwright and Co-Curator, The Brooklyn Generator and InViolet Theater Company

Bobby Moreno – Actor

Carrie Chapter – Literary Manager & Dramaturg, Philadelphia Theatre Company

Carrie Frymer – Director, Creative Development, Warner Bros Theatre Ventures

Casey Stangl – Director, Freelance

Cate Cammarata – Literary Manager, Theater Resources Unlimited

Catherine Randazzo – Associate Artist, Florida Studio Theatre

Celise Kalke – Director of New Projects, Alliance Theatre

Chelsea Thaler – Actor, Director

ChiChi Anyanwu – Manager, The Cooper Company

Christine Sumption – Festival Dramaturg, Hedgebrook

Christine Scarfuto – Literary Manager, Long Wharf Theatre

Christopher Acebo – Associate Artistic Director, Oregon Shakespeare Festival

Christopher Breyer – Literary Director/Dramaturg, Ojai Playwrights Conference

Christopher Burris – Associate Producer, The New Black Fest

Claire Reinhart – Director of New Play Development, Halcyon Theatre

Colette Robert – Director

Corinne Hayoun – Manager, Manage-ment

Cynthia White – Director of New Play Development, Orlando Shakespeare Theater

Daniel Talbott – Artistic Director/Artistic Associate, Rising Phoenix Rep/Rattlestick

Danya Taymor – Director, Freelance

David Mendizábal – Producing Artistic Leader, The Movement Theatre Company

Dawson Moore – Coordinator, Last Frontier Theatre Conference

Debargo Sanyal – Actor

Delia Kropp – Company Member, Pride Films and Plays

Dev Bondarin – Artistic Director, Astoria Performing Arts Center

Dina Janis – Artistic Director, Dorset Theatre Festival

Don Nguyen – Playwright

Donnetta Grays Lavinia – Actor/Playwright

Douglas Langworthy – Dir. of New Play Development, Denver Center Theatre Company

Dylan Key – MFA Director, UC San Diego

Elizabeth Frankel – Director of New Work, Alley Theatre

Elizabeth Rothman – Director of Play Development, MTC

Emily Mann – Artistic Director and Resident Playwright, McCarter Theatre Center

Emily Morse – Artistic Director, New Dramatists

Emily Shooltz – Associate Artistic Director, Ars Nova

Emily Simoness – Executive Director, SPACE on Ryder Farm

Eric Shethar – Artistic Programs Associate, Ars Nova

Erik Ehn – Head of Playwriting, Brown University

Erin Daley – Artistic Associate, Primary Stages

Evan Mueller – Artistic Associate, Strange Sun Theater

Evren Odcikin – Director of New Plays, Golden Thread Productions

Farah Bala – Actor/Producer

Flordelino Lagundino – Artistic Director, Leviathan Lab

Gabriel Greene – Director of New Play Development, La Jolla Playhouse

Graeme Gillis – Co-Artistic Director, EST/Youngblood

Gregg Henry – Artistic Director, KCACTF, The Kennedy Center

Gwendolyn Whiteside – Artistic Director, American Blues Theater

Gwydion Suilebhan – Playwright

Haley Fluke – Literary Manager, Company One Theatre

Hannah Wolf – Director, Freelance

Hayley Finn – Associate Artistic Director, Playwrights’ Center

Heather Helinsky – Freelance Dramaturg, Great Plains Theatre Conference

Henry Wishcamper – Artistic Associate, Goodman Theatre

Ian Morgan – Associate Artistic Director, The New Group

Indika Senanayake – Actor and Producer

Isaac Gomez – Director of New Play Development, Victory Gardens Theater

Jacey Little – Artistic Director, Horse Head Theatre Co.

Jack Moore – Associate Dramaturg, The Public Theater

Jack Reuler – Artistic Director, Mixed Blood

Jaime Castaneda – Associate Artistic Director, La Jolla Playhouse

James Ijames – Playwright, Orbiter 3

Jason Eagan – Artistic Director, Ars Nova

Jason Ramirez – Professor of Theatre, SUNY

Jenna Clark Embrey – Literary Manager, Signature Theatre

Jenni Page-White – Literary Manager, Actors Theatre of Louisville

Jennifer Chambers – Associate Artistic Director, The Echo Theater Company

Jennifer Decker – Artistic Director, Mildred’s Umbrella Theater Company

Jennifer Kiger – Associate Artistic Director, Yale Repertory Theatre

Jenny Ikeda – Actor

Jeremy Aluma – Director

Jeremy Cohen – Producing Artistic Director, The Playwrights’ Center

Jeremy Gable – Playwright

Jeremy Stoller – Dramaturg, Beehive Dramaturgy Studio

Jesse Cameron Alick – Literary Manager and Company Dramaturg, Public Theater

Jessica Kubzansky – Co-Artistic Director, The Theatre @ Boston Court

Jessie Baxter – Literary Director, Fresh Ink Theatre

Jill Rafson – Director of New Play Development, Roundabout Theatre Company

Joan Kane – Artistic Director, Ego Actus Theater Co.

Joanie Schultz – Artistic Director, WaterTower Theatre

Joanna Sheehan Bell – Director of Programs, American Theatre Wing

Jocelyn Prince – Artistic Coordinator/Lecturer, Yale Repertory Theatre/Yale School of Drama

Jody Christopherson – Actor/Writer/ Photographer, Necessary Exposure: The Female Playwright Project and New York Theatre Review

Johanna Pfaelzer – Artistic Director, New York Stage and Film

John Baker – Curator, SPACE on Ryder Farm

John Clinton Eisner – Artistic Director, The Lark

John Glore – Associate Artistic Director, South Coast Repertory

John Steber – Director of the Playwrights’ Lab, New Dramatists

Jolie Curtsinger – Artistic Director, InProximity Theatre Company

Jon Klein – Head, MFA Playwriting Program, Catholic University of America

Jonathan McCrory – Director Of Theatre Arts, National Black Theatre

Jonathan Muñoz-Proulx – Associate Producer, Skylight Theatre Company

Jonathan L. Green – Associate Literary Manager, Goodman Theatre

Jordan Puckett- Associate Artistic Director, San Francisco Playhouse

Jordana Fraider – Programs Manager, National New Play Network

Jose Zayas – Resident Director, Repertorio Español

Julie Felise Dubiner – Associate Director: American Revolutions, Oregon Shakespeare Festival

Juliette Carrillo – Writer/Director, Cornerstone/UCI/Freelancer

Justin J. Sacramone – Freelance Director

Kari Bentley-Quinn – Co-Founder, Mission to (dit)mars

Kat Zukaitis – Literary Associate, South Coast Repertory

Kat White – Literary Manager, Theater Alliance

Kate Bergstrom – Director, On The Verge

Kate Snodgrass – Artistic Director, Boston Playwrights’ Theatre

Kate Sullivan – Director, Over the Moon Productions

Katherine Kovner – Artistic Director, The Playwrights Realm

Kathleen Warnock – TOSOS

Katie Baskerville – Director and Dramaturg

Keith Josef Adkins – Artistic Director, The New Black Fest

Kent Nicholson – Director of Musical Theatre, Playwrights Horizons

Kevin Emrick – Director of Creative Development, Stuart Thompson Productions

Kimberly Colburn – Literary Director, South Coast Repertory

Kimberly Hickman Faith – Artistic Director, Omaha Playhouse

Kirk Lynn – Rude Mechs/UTexas

Kirsten Bowen – Literary Director, Woolly Mammoth Theatre Company

Krissy Vanderwarker – Director, Co-Artistic Director, Freelance/ Dog & Pony Theatre Co.

Krista Williams – Roundtable Director, The Lark

Kyle Haden – Artistic Director, Ashland New Plays Festival

Laura Esti Miller- Literary Manager, 1st Stage

Laura Ramadei – Director of Creative Development, The American Playwriting Foundation

Lauren Keating – Associate Producer/Director, Guthrie Theater/Freelance

Lauren Halvorsen – Studio Theatre, Associate Literary Director

Lauren Whitehead – Writer, Performer, Dramaturg

Laurie Woolery – Director of Public Works, The Public Theater

Lavina Jadhwani – Director

Lia Romeo – Associate Artistic Director, Project Y Theatre Company

Lila Neugebauer – Director, Freelance

Linda Lombardi – Director and Dramaturg

Linsay Firman – Director of Play Development, Ensemble Studio Theatre

Lisa McNulty – Producing Artistic Director, WP Theater

Liz Engelman – dramaturg, UT Austin/tofte Lake Center

Lloyd Suh – Director of Artistic Programs, The Lark

Logan Ellis – Artistic Director, Theatre Battery

Lori Wolter Hudson – Artistic Associate, The New Harmony Project

Lou Bellamy – Founder, Penumbra Theatre

Louise Hamill – Artistic Director, Fresh Ink Theatre Company

Luan Schooler – Director of New Play Development & Dramaturgy, Artists Repertory Theatre

Luis Alfaro – Playwright-in-Residence, Oregon Shakespeare Festival

M. Graham Smith – Freelance Director

Madeleine Oldham – Director, The Ground Floor, Berkeley Repertory Theatre

Mallery Avidon – Playwright

Mame Hunt – Artistic Associate, Sundance Theatre Lab

Mandy Greenfield – Artistic Director, Williamstown Theatre Festival

Mara Isaacs – Executive/Creative Producer, Octopus Theatricals

Marc Masterson – Artistic Director, South Coast Repertory

Marguerite Stimson – Actor/ Co-producer of Second Monday Social with InViolet Theatre, Actors Equity/ Screen Actors Guild/ InViolet Theatre

Maria Striar – Producing Artistic Director, Clubbed Thumb

Mariah MacCarthy – Executive Artistic Director, Caps Lock Theatre

Mary Kathryn Nagle – Executive Director, Yale Indigenous Performing Arts Program

Matt Henderson – Literary Manager, 12 Peers Theater

Matthew Paul Olmos – Playwright

May Adrales – Director, Milwaukee Rep

Megan McClain – Director of the R&D Program, The Civilians

Megan Sandberg-Zakian – Director in Residence, Merrimack Repertory Theatre

Melissa Kievman – Creative Producer/Director, Brown MFA/freelance

Melody Brooks – Producing Artistic Director, New Perspectives Theatre Company

Mfoniso Udofia – Playwright and Artistic Director, NOW AFRICA Playwrights Festival

Michael Patrick Thornton – Co-Founder/Artistic Director, The Gift Theatre

Michel Hausmann – Artistic Director, Miami New Drama

Michole Biancosino – Co-Founding Artistic Director, Project Y Theatre Company

Mike Lew – Co-Director, Ma-Yi Writers Lab

Mina Morita – Artistic Director, Crowded Fire Theater Company

MJ Kaufman – Playwright

Molly Marinik – Dramaturg, Beehive Dramaturgy Studio

Naomi Iizuka – Head of MFA Playwriting, UC-San Diego

Natasha Sinha – Associate Director/LCT3, LCT3/Lincoln Center Theater

Nathaniel French – Artistic Line Producer, Signature Theatre

Nedra McClyde – Actor

Ngozi Anyanwu – Associate Producer/ Literary Reader, Now Africa/Rattlestick Playwrights Theatre

Nicholas Orvis – Literary Assistant, Premiere Stages at Kean University

Nivedita Kulkarni – Founder & CEO/President, Nuva Comedy/Asian American Script Lab

Paula Cizmar – Playwright, Dramaturg; Associate Professor of Theatre, USC School of Dramatic Arts

Polly Hubbard – Literary Manager, Steppenwolf Theatre

Polly Lee

Portia Krieger – Director

Quinn M. Corbin – Independent Script Reader

Rachel Berney Needleman

Rachel Fowler – Literary Manager, LOCAL Theater Company

Rachel Karpf – Producer

Rachel Rusch – VP, Event Series, Fox Broadcasting Company

Rachel Silverman – Artistic Producing Associate, New York Theatre Workshop

Rachel Sussman – Director of Programming and Artist Services, New York Musical Festival

Rachel Wiegardt-Egel – Literary Associate, Geffen Playhouse

Ralph B. Pena – Producing Artistic Director, Ma-Yi Theater Company

Ramona Ostrowski – Associate Producer, HowlRound

Randy Reinholz – Artistic Director, Native Voices at the Autry

Raymond Bobgan – Executive Artistic Director, American Dreams

Roberta Pereira – Producing Director, The Playwrights Realm

Roger Tang – Executive Director, Pork Filled Productions

Ryan Albrechtson – Producing Artistic Director

Ryan McGlone – Manager of Artistic Development, Second Stage Theater

Ryan Rilette – Artistic Director, Round House Theatre

Sally Ollove – Freelance Dramaturg

Sandy MacDonald – Freelance Critic, Drama Desk

Sarah Bellamy – Artistic Director, Penumbra Theatre Company

Sarah Lunnie – Literary Director, Playwrights Horizons

Sarah Rose Leonard – Literary Manager, Berkeley Repertory Theatre

Scott Kaplan – Literary Manager, Manhattan Theatre Club

Seth Gordon – Associate Artistic Director, Repertory Theatre of St. Louis

Shannon Musgrave – Associate Artistic Director, Salt Lake Acting Company

Shaun Leisher – Founder, The Punk Theatre of Allentown

Skyler Gray – Literary Manager, Alley Theatre

Snehal Desai – Artistic Director, East West Players

Sonia Fernandez – Associate Artistic Director, Magic Theatre

Sonya Sobieski – New Play Advocate, New Georges

Stacey Raymond – Actor

Susan Bernfield – Producing Artistic Director, New Georges

Susan Fairbrook – Theatre Play by Play

Suzanne Agins – Artistic Director, Upstart Creatures

Suzy Fay – Artistic Associate, Dramaturgy, The Lark Play Development Center

Tanya Palmer – Director of New Play Development, Goodman Theatre

Teresa Sapien – Artistic Associate, La Jolla Playhouse

Tessa LaNeve – Freelance Script Developer

Tiffany Vega-Gibson – President & Founder, La Vega Management, LLC

Todd Brian Backus – Literary Manager, Portland Stage

Tony Adams – Artistic Director, Halcyon Theatre

Tyler Dobrowsky – Associate Artistic Director, Trinity Repertory Company

Velina Hasu Houston – Distinguished Professor, USC School of Dramatic Arts

Walter Bilderback – Dramaturg/Literary Manager, The Wilma Theater

Walter Byongsok Chon – Assistant Professor of Dramaturgy and Theatre Studies, Ithaca College

Whitney Dibo – Creative Development, Scott Rudin Productions

Will Arbery – Playwright

William Steinberger – Freelance Director & Dramaturg

Zak Berkman – Producing Director, People’s Light

Zev Valancy – Literary Manager, Stage Left Theatre

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