The Kilroys 2023 Web

The Kilroys are doing what we do best: shaking shit up… starting with our annual List. We are totally revamping everything about it — the approach, what it looks like, and how it works.

So what the hell is this new thing, you ask? THE WEB is a small snapshot from within the larger American Theatre ecosystem. The Web not only champions underproduced plays by women, trans, and nonbinary Playwrights but also highlights some of the Theatermakers/Collaborators (actors, directors, dramaturgs, producers, etc) who work tirelessly to create and advocate for their work.

To use the web:
1. Move your cursor around The Web to uncover it all!
2. Hover over a portrait to learn more about that person and see their connections
3. If you can’t read the entirety of a quote, click and drag the portrait until you can
4. We like to keep things moving! Refresh the page to rearrange The Web and get a completely different view.

If you prefer to look at The Web in a list form, scroll to the bottom of the page.

Special thanks: Illustrator Vexx Daniel, Alex Reeves and everyone at Moonpool, and Emily Owens PR.

Prefer List Form?

Agyeiwaa Asante PLAY TITLE: Dainty
Alice Reagan Director/Educator
Amara Janae Brady PLAY TITLE: the beautiful things are gonna kill you
Amrita Ramanan Artistic Leader/Dramaturg
Amy Wegener Literary Director
Awoye Timpo Director
Blossom Johnson PLAY TITLE: A Boarding School Play
Bonnie Davis Literary Agent (Theatrical)
Calamity West PLAY TITLE: In The Canyon
Candrice Jones PLAY TITLE: A Medusa Thread
Carl(os) Roa PLAY TITLE: Pase Lo Que Pase (I Will Always Find You)
Carolyn Gage PLAY TITLE: In McClintock's Corn
Cat Ramirez Artistic Leader/Director
Cat Rodriguez Actor/Director
Dani Super Artistic Leader
Daniela Gonzalez y Perez PLAY TITLE: Ángel y Chupi
Deb Randall Artistic Leader
Deepa Purohit PLAY TITLE: M xx/perience
Delicia Turner Sonnenberg Director/Artistic Leader
Eliana Pipes PLAY TITLE: Bite Me
Erlina Ortiz PLAY TITLE: La Egoista
Felicia Oduh PLAY TITLE: Mercy
Gab Reisman PLAY TITLE: Spindle, Shuttle, Needle
Gabriela Sanchez Artistic Leader
George Strus Artistic Leader/Community Builder
Gethsemane Herron-Coward PLAY TITLE: Kin
Hayley Finn Artistic Leader/Dramaturg
Jahna Ferron-Smith PLAY TITLE: The Woods
Janice Amaya Actor
Jasmine Sharma PLAY TITLE: Radial Gradient
Jean Lichty Artistic Leader
Jeremy Pesigan Director/Dramaturg
Jesse Alick Artistic Leader/Dramaturg
Kairos Looney PLAY TITLE: Radclyffe and the Archivist
Kaiser Ahmed Artistic Leader
Katherine M. Carter Theatre and Opera Director/Intimacy Director
Katie Đỗ PLAY TITLE: Love You Long Time (already)
Keiko Green PLAY TITLE: Exotic Deadly: or the MSG Play
Kim Euell Dramaturg/Playwright
Kimberly S. Fairbanks Actor
Kirsten Potter PLAY TITLE: Rubicon
LaNeshe Miller-White Artistic Leader
Laurie Woolery Artistic Leader/Community Builder
Lavina Jadhwani Director/Playwright/Dramaturg
Leean Kim Torske Artistic Leader/Dramaturg/Playwright
Lexy Leuszler Dramaturg
Liana Runcie Actor
Lipica Shah Actor/Producer
Lisa McNulty Artistic Leader/Producer
Lynde Rosario Artistic Leader/Dramaturg
Mara Vélez Meléndez PLAY TITLE: Notes on Killing Seven Oversight, Management and Economic Stability Board Members
Maria Striar Artistic Leader
Mario Gomez Dramaturg
Marisa Carr PLAY TITLE: Punk Rock Mix Tape Play
Mei Ann Teo Director
Meropi Peponides Artistic Leader/Producer
Mia Katigbak Artistic Leader/Actor
Migdalia Cruz Playwright/Educator
Nandita Shenoy PLAY TITLE: Rage Play
Nataki Garrett Artistic Leader/Director
Nikki Brake-Sillá PLAY TITLE: GTFOH
Nissy Aya Playwright/Cultural Worker
Nkenna Akunna PLAY TITLE: cheeky little brown
Omer Abbas Salem PLAY TITLE: Modern Women
Paloma Nozicka PLAY TITLE: Enough to Let the Light In
Patrice Amon Director/Producer/Artistic Leader
Phanésia Pharel PLAY TITLE: Black Girl Joy
Rachel Slavick Director/Educator
Raquel Almazan Playwright/Actor/Educator
Ria Dilullo Director/Producer/Artistic Leader
Robert Dohmen Board Chair/Supporter of the Arts
Rosie Glen-Lambert Director
Ruth Tang PLAY TITLE: Isabel
Sanjit De Silva Actor
Santiago Iacinti Artistic Leader/Director
Santiago Tonauac Castro PLAY TITLE: Gente Del Sol
Seayoung Yim PLAY TITLE: Jar of Fat
Sharifa Yasmin PLAY TITLE: Close to Home
Tai Verley Artistic Leader/Actor
Tamilla Woodard Director/Artistic Leader
Tara Moses Director/Playwright
Theresa Buchheister Artistic Leader
Vera Starbard PLAY TITLE: Native Pride and Prejudice
Veronica Tjioe PLAY TITLE: The Last Croissant
Wendy Mateo Artistic Leader
Zola Dee PLAY TITLE: Father, Father