America v. 2.1: The Sad Demise & Eventual Extinction of The American Negro

By June 13, 2019list-2019

America v. 2.1 is a day in the life of a troupe of historical re-enactors charged with telling the tragic story of what was once was the American Negro, a woeful race once featured prominently in the American landscape, but whose time has been extinguished at own foolish hand. The troupe finds themselves at odds with the state of their own existences while being painfully oblivious to the parallels and intersections their lives draw to those of the very Negroes whose story they are bound to tell. As this oblivion fades and they are faced with their stark reality, this day in the life of actors becomes a day of reckoning.


Author: Stacey Rose
Cast: 1BW, 3BM, 1WW
Olivier Sultan / CAA