Why The List?

THE LIST 2015 includes the results of the second annual industry survey of excellent new plays by female and trans* playwrights. It is a tool for producers committed to ending the systemic underrepresentation of female and trans* playwrights in the American theater.

How We Made The List

  • We surveyed 321 influential new play leaders — Artistic Directors, Literary Managers, Professors, Producers, Directors, and Dramaturgs — who had read or seen at least 40 new plays in the past year
  • Each respondent recommended 3 to 5 plays each, identifying a total of 755 plays as among the best work they had encountered in the past year
  • THE LIST comprises the top 7% of those plays — the 53 most recommended plays from this survey, which each received between 4 and 20 nominations
  • The Honorable Mentions comprises the top 32% of nominated plays — these 186 plays each received 2 or 3 nominations
  • To ensure unbiased results, responses were anonymous. All identifying information of recommenders was tracked separately from their recommendations in the survey software
  • The members of The Kilroys did not nominate plays for The List

To be Eligible for The List, a Play Must be:

  • unproduced or have had only a single professional production
  • by an author who identifies as female or trans*
  • among the most excellent seen or read by the industry professional within the previous twelve months and
  • not included on last year’s list of top 46 plays

*If you’d like more information on what trans* means, here’s a great place to start: slate.me/1f7fM6R

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THE 2014 LIST with a full list of nominees and nominators
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